Our Philanthropy


The Creativity Collective is an all volunteer non-profit group of entrepreneurs, parents, business owners, artists and focused teens.


In the community, The Creativity Collective has:

  • Raised $700 for Covenant House, haven & rehabilitation center for homeless teens/young adults.

  • Raised $300 for Cafe Reconcile, a culinary arts program for at-risk teens and young adults.

  • Supported the Red Cross by hosting a blood drive that raised 26 liters of blood–60 lives.

  • Supported Toys for Tots with a toy drive at our facility, CAK.

  • Supported the Veteran Services event, Red, White, and Blue–Forever, Thank You, with 17 volunteers and the use of our facility.

  • Participated in Klamath Youth Development "Amazing Race" with use of our facility and art.

  • Marched in Veteran's Day and Independence Day parades.

  • Created welcome baskets for new residents, including students and families.

  • Published 2 magazines that highlighted community arts and entertainment.

  • Provided afterschool programs, youth mentoring and senior project opportunities.

  • Created "Legacy of Bravery," an online memorial archive of local military and veterans.

  • Created "Legacy of Bravery Memorial Tours" a van tour of area memorials, stories & music.

  • Provided affordable arts classes and free hands-on training in the arts.

  • Provided an alcohol and drug-free dance club for kids on Friday and Saturday.

  • Provided "art as therapy" programming including a survivor series book club.

  • Brought talent to our venue, CAK from Austin, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Austria and more.

  • Provided a place for young bands to play and practice music in a "non-bar" environment.

  • Participated in community-building organizations such as the Snowflake Festival Committee, Answer People, Downtown Business Association and Chamber of Commerce.

  • Founded Artventure, a free interactive art excursion for the whole family.

  • Was commissioned to create "Last," a film for Fairview Drama Club w/ children ages 7-12.

  • Was commissioned to create a short documentary on the history of the Klamath Blues Festival.

  • Completed the documentary, KU STORIES, tales from a local historic high school.

  • Provided professional talent for corporate events and nonprofit events and fundraisers.

  • Hosted gallery openings monthly to accompany the Third Thursday community event.

  • Created Innovative Women, a networking and partnership group for females of all ages.




Your donation to the Creativity Collective is a tax write-off. Please contact us for information on how to support our cause! 501c3 status approved, effective November 11th, 2012. Tax Exemption letter





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