Past Projects


Creative Rescource Directory



The Creative Resource Directory (CRD) was a plan for a webindex of over 1000 creative businesses from the New Orleans creative and cultural economy, a city-wide talent directory.


The Creativity Collective has currently placed this project on hold and will keep the public updated on our plans for the release of a free, full-color Creative Resource Directory (CRD) for the New Orleans area. This creative phone book will be a marketing tool for creative/cultural producers and the enthusiasts that support them.

The print version will feature the freshest art nonprofits to the most off-the-grid players. CRD will be an engaging showcase, bringing the movers and shakers of New Orleans into a single volume.

The CRD identifies practitioners in a wide variety of art forms along with supporting organizations. Artists in the fields of culinary arts, fashion, film, literary arts, music, stage performance and more can be found along with supporting organizations such as book stores, galleries, agencies, museums, and retail outlets.

In addition, the CRD classifies each entry with tags indicating more specific information about the artists and organizations. 

A “who’s who” of New Orleans arts and culture.


Leprecrawl was the one and only Leprechaun pub-crawl in New Orleans and a new addition to the St. Patrick’s Day calendar of events


Leprecrawl bought the pub-crawl party to Faubourg St John and Mid-City with a costume contest and food/drink discounts.






Zeallab was committed to providing resources for musicians, bands, dancers and performance artists.


Zeallab Music Committee conducted music, dance and performance related activities for the Zeallabmain-stage at CAK. This included booking, executing and marketing all-ages shows in all genres. This also included overseeing the booking of local and out of town bands, marketing the venue to local and regional concert promoters and providing affordable practice space for local bands. Zeallab MusicCommittee funded itself through the live music shows, band space rental, contributions, the artist magazine and additional organization programming.




Fashionlab provided resources and opportunities for makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, health-care professionals, models and more.

Fashionlab Committee conducted clothing, apparel, accessories, footwear, textiles and clothing retail related activities such as planning, executing and marketing fashion events, education and mentoring.

Below are some of our accomplishments

Innovative Women


Innovative Women generated creative partnerships, resource sharing, creative problem solving, word-of-mouth advertising, education and networking for community women.


This networking group brought women from all walks of life together. Some women were there to promote their causes and businesses. Others were there just to enjoy friendship and support. Life, wellness, and business for women!

Meetings included the following activities to generate relationships:

  • Speed networking

  • Referral mania

  • Brainstorm breakout

Our major event was the Educator Appreciation Mixer, an opportunity to honor local educators for their contribution to our community. Innovative Women chose educators based on nominations from the community. The criteria for an Innovative Educator could include community involvement, the ability to deeply engage students, creative use of resources, innovative processes, creative fundraising and out-of-class mentoring.



Audiorb provided resources for sound engineers, musicians, music agents, venue owners, composers, lyricists, disc jockeys, show promoters and audiophiles.


Audiorb Committee planned and marketing audio production and programming, providing opportunities for local musicians and audio talent. Audiorb Committee funded itself through contributions, the artist magazine and additional programming.

Below are some of our previous projects and programs

  • Created a drug and alcohol free dance club for teens

  • Provided DJ talent for the Kinetic Sculpture Race

  • Was a sound engineer for Christmas play production

  • Mastered audio for documentary film project, KU STORIES

  • Created a class that specifically taught sound engineering and DJing

  • Audiorb artists were used for our in-house soundtracks giving them exposure and credits

  • Bands and musicians were chosen for fundraisers and agency representation



Storyorb provided resources for writers and literary academics.


Below are some of our accomplishments

  • Writers from Portland to Ashland to Klamath Falls contributed to the first issue of Artisan's Almanac

  • Guest writers were featured at events in collaboration between TCC and the Klamath County Library

  • Open mic poetry nights held at Waldo's

  • An internally written play, In The Company of Killjoys was produced at CAK

  • Mike Stier of TCC wrote a script for "LAST" a short film featuring Fairview Elementary

  • Published poets were featured on the third Friday of each month with open invitation poetry to follow

  • Writers from Klamath Falls to New Orleans contributed to the second Artisan's Almanac



Passionlab provided resources for visual artists of all types and in all genres.

Passionlab Gallery Committee planned, marketed and curated exhibits of contemporary artwork. Typical shows included oil paintings, watercolors, photography, sculpture and abstract metalwork with a one-month showing time. The gallery funded itself through sales, contributions, the artist magazine and additional programming.

Below are some of our accomplishments

  • Visual artists from Portland to Klamath Falls contributed to the first and second issues of Artisan's Almanac

  • Ten visual artists were featured at events in collaboration between TCC and the Klamath County Library and in the original CAK location

  • Members' art was featured in a Creativity Collective show at The Ross Ragland with an opening night where the artists were present

  • Classes in the visual arts were offered throughout the year


The exhibit consisted of 20 action photographs taken by the 168 Field Artillery Unit, Battery B during World War II. Lieutenant, Harold Bohm of the 168 Field Artillery Unit was one of the first participants in A Legacy of Bravery. Thirteen and older unless accompanied by an adult. The Faces of War exhibit stemmed from The Legacy of Bravery project. The Creativity Collective developed A Legacy of Bravery, an on-line archive of stories, photos and video pertaining to the military experiences of Oregonians. Veterans get their own page telling their unique story. It is from these stories that The Legacy of Bravery Memorial Tours was created.

Kiddie Kitchen


Kiddie Kitchen exposed children to the arts in a family-environment.

Kiddie Kitchen conducted art activities for children. The group’s focus was to generate imaginative opportunities, education and entertainment for community children at low to no cost. Kiddie Kitchen funded itself through Artventure, classes, contributions and the artist magazine.


Below are some of our accomplishments

  • The Collective's PSSO wrote, edited and filmed "LAST," featuring the students of Fairview Elementary. The final project was a fundraiser for the school's drama department

  • Hip-hop dance classes were held at CAK for toddler and elementary children

  • "Snowflake Festival Family Night" featured free arts and crafts for children during the winter event

  • Participated in the Downtown Association's "Scarecrow Row" Halloween kids event

  • Children were encouraged to participate in monthly open mic poetry

  • The Creativity Collective provided youth-focused vendor booths at local festivals

  • Artventure, a free interactive art excursion for the whole family

  • This low-to-no-cost interactive art adventure for the whole family was created to shine a light on the cultural arts district of Klamath Falls. Partnering organizations and businesses were open with free kids activities, entertainment and freebies. Kids' activites included origami, face painting, scrap-booking, coloring, water games, contests, gallery exhibits and much more. Entertainment included performance art, dance, live music, karaoke, puppetry and more. Vendors gave away free samples, snacks, balloons, crafts, coupons and more. The first 500 families to arrive were given an Artvoucher treasure map to visit each of the participating locations for a stamp. Completed Artvouchers were put into a raffle for a Treasure Chest at the end of the day for a winner. There were guest appearances, special contests, drawings and entertainment to draw the entire family to the event. Artventure provided fun family time as well as an opportunity for kids to experience the arts.

  • Art based child care. The Contemporary Arts Kitchen boasted a play area just for our kids. Books, legos, board-games and toys entertained our little ones while their parents were in classes, at shows or studying.

Project: Shoot Southern Oregon





Join us in 2017 for the rebooted Artventure, an interactive art adventure for the whole family that showcases our art district and exposes local youth to the arts.


Families are given an Artvoucher treasure map to visit the participating locations for their stamp. Partnering organizations and businesses offer kids activities such as origami, cupcake decorating, music instruction, interactive dance and more to completed for a stamp. There are guest appearances and entertainment such as dance performances, live music, storytelling, karaoke, puppetry, and more.


Completed Artvouchers are put into a raffle for a Treasure Chest at the end of the day when they were raffled off to a winne

A Legacy of Bravery


A Legacy of Bravery provided opportunities for graphic designers, journalists and photographers to grow their craft while honoring our veterans and military.


A Legacy of Bravery helped raise awareness for veterans with a variety of projects: a tour of military significance, a website detailing the veteran experiences and a gallery exhibit of WWII action photos (Faces of Death).


The Tour

The Legacy of Bravery Memorial Tours–a multi-media van tour that highlighted Klamath County's military history through the vibrant stories of area veterans, enlisted and those who's lives have been touched along the way–received partial funding from the Klamath Tourism Tax Grant.

Areas of interest include:

  • Klamath County Museum

  • Marine Barracks Memorial

  • Kingsley Field

  • Veterans Memorial

  • Courthouse KIA Memorial Shaft

  • The Memorial Cemetery

  • The Mitchell Monument

While being transported, tour-goers experienced the history of each destination as told through pre-recorded or guide-narrated stories from our service men and women. The two hour multi-media tour ran from Memorial Day to Veteran's Day.

The Website


The Legacy of Bravery website was a place for veterans

and their families to share their experiences. It included

photos, memorabilia, video, documents and original music.


Art with a Heartbeat


Art with a Heartbeat was a concept conference committed to providing education, resources, opportunities, networking, and inspiration for artists of all types and ages with a four-day arts event.


Five keynote speakers from New York to New Orleans were to exhibit their nationally acclaimed visual and performance arts and speak on panels alongside representatives from art non-profits. The panels focused on topics such as film incentives, protecting intellectual property, guerrilla self-promotion, arts networking and new technology. After-hour and off-site events highlighted area bars and restaurants, geological features, history, culture and commerce. Networking lunches, portfolio reviews, films, theatrical performances and gallery openings would also accompany the multi-media conference.

Welcome Service

The Welcome Service made first contact with new residents, providing them resources for arts, entertainment and commerce with a series of small gifts attractively displayed in a basket.


Dozens of relationships must be replaced each time a family or business relocates. The Creativity Collective's Welcome Service connected organizations and businesses to new residents, an opportunity to introduce themselves and generate a relationship.


How it worked

Businesses registered and provide coupons, samples, gift certificates, punch-cards and community information.

Items such as note-pads, balloons, maps, pens and mugs were popular items. The Creativity Collective designed the baskets that were picked up by new community members by appointment. Each basket contained $400 worth of savings and tons of area information.

The Creativity Collective advertised the service to ensure that recently relocated families and professionals were aware of it. New residents brought their license from another area or old power bill and their new temporary license to get their basket. It was free to the recipient.


A selection of local businesses represented in the Klamath Falls Welcome Service:


Seiler Consultants

Mark London Designs

Emmetts Automotive

Indigo Beads

Langfield Drywall & Painting

Klamath Blues Society

Dynasty Restaurant

Realtor, Diana Kellstrom

Country Financial

Snowflake Festival

US Cellular

Eternal Hills: Tribute Center

Xpress Automotive

Siam Thai

Adkins Engineering

Sound Man

Diamond "S" Meats

Botanica Creations


Artistic Kindred


Artistic Kindred provides inspiration and team-building with travel.


Artistic Kindred Committee plans the Creativity Collective’s members-only retreat. The retreat is an open artistic community and great place to bring your writer's block, your unfinished opus or your seed of an idea for a week-long break from societal constraints.

Writers, musicians, actors, graphic designers and visual artists from The Creativity Collective attended Burning Man in 2010. Fifty-thousand people travel to this temporary art-city every summer for radical self-expression, release and inspiration.

One of the reasons it was chosen by The Creativity Collective was due to its proximity to Klamath Falls, OR–a short three-hour drive. Burning Man contains a comprehensive art culture with theme camps that have jazz music, circus arts, sculpture, yoga, film, fringe theater and more.

According to the official Burning Man website, "Burning Man is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance." Participants bring what they need for the week. You cannot sell or buy anything while you are there (except ice and beverages that are provided by Burning Man cafe). Nowhere else but Burning Man will one see a land-roving blow-fish car, towering structures made of semi-trucks, a two-story carton of milk or hundreds of fire-spinning competitions all in one place.

Creativity Television


Creativity TV was a concept to provide ongoing TV programming opportunities for videographers, script-writers and production crews.


Concepts were developed to provide another forum to educate viewers on the artistic and cultural gems in their community.


Show concepts

Creative Classrooms

Fashionlab presents: Style

Senior Sanctuary

Innovative Women of Southern Oregon

Kids in Flight, brought to you by Kiddie Kitchen

Storyorb presents: Lit

Veteran showcase brought to you by Legacy of Bravery

Artistic Kindred presents: Artopography

Passionlab Gallery presents: Arts Outlook

Total Body Enthusiasm, brought to you by Zeallab

Art 2 Heal 1 talk show

CAK on location

The Contemporary Arts Kitchen


The Contemporary Arts Kitchen (CAK) was a home, a work-shop, a venue and a safe place.


In 2009, the Creativity Collective were approached to take over a large art loft on Main Street. They'd anticipated a home and a place to launch a community arts center.

The organization moved into the 6000 square foot upstairs building at 809 Main Street in Klamath Falls and dubbed it the Contemporary Arts Kitchen (CAK). The building had no heat, was heavily grafittied and filthy. The Creativity Collective sought donations of paint and supplies and met weekly to have cleaning and painting parties. Hundreds of hours and an equal amount of money was invested to make CAK presentable. The group sought a business license and was denied. The Creativity Collective would have to cease all live music shows at 809 Main, the sustaining source of their income. Over the next several months, more provisions were put on the operations at CAK. The licensing entities gave The Creativity Collective until May 7th, 2010 to find a more suitable home.

The Creativity Collective, the building’s owner and the licensing entities met to discuss a game-plan that would allow CAK and all of its programming to stay at 809 Main Street. An internal fire-escape would need to be built to code. There would have to be upgrades to the electrical systems, doors and exits.


Coincidentally, the ground-floor address beneath CAK was coming available. The Collective had always wanted to add this floor for more visibility. They kept their classes, offices, and casting agency upstairs and moved their live music shows, plays, film premiers, and café downstairs in 2010. Building renovations presented themselves immediately and after a year and a half battle, they let CAK go.


The Contemporary Arts Kitchen was in essence was just another project of the The Creativity Collective, focused on bringing an all-ages art center to downtown—a place that could distract the youth from negative influences. It was as scrutinized as it was revered.



Creative Arts District


It is the mission of The Creativity Collective to shine a light on pre-existing arts districts. Promotion opens up dialogue on the benefits of developing downtowns and neighborhoods that offer artistic programming into arts districts.



Arts districts include venues, resources, exhibits, arts education, non-profit organizations, projects, attractions and associate businesses.


Creativity Collective's map of The Klamath Falls, Oregon Arts District


  • Spotlight the vibrant arts community that exists in downtown areas

  • Promote tourism by presenting downtown as an arts destination

  • Encourage usage of second-floor commercial property as apartments and lofts

  • Encourage usage of commercial warehouses as apartments and lofts

  • Retain and attract creative professionals to these areas

  • Stimulate youth and vitality by attaching the “art district” concept to these areas

  • Increase traffic and customers to existing businesses

  • Nurture local arts and cultural awareness

  • Incubate diversification of the economy with new businesses

  • Increase arts-based entertainment for the general population

  • Promote the arts that are hindered by low advertising budgets

Creativity Collective Classrooms


The Creativity Collective provided arts education in a variety of settings and genres.


Creativity Collective Classrooms helped to counteract cuts in school art programs by providing continued arts education. Teaching classes provided additional income for artists and academics at CAK in Southern Oregon.


Southern Oregon Film and TV

Klamath Falls Parks

Trekker Designs

Jessica's Consulting Services

Win R Insulation

Great Basin Insurance

Herbalife: Kathy Skinner

Main Street Jewelery

Basin Indoor Gardening

Green Blade Bakery

Klamath Board Sports


At Home on Hope St

Hope Pregancy Center

Frontier Trailers

Shasta Acupuncture

Ana Torres - Nail Tech


Images by Kristi

Ohana Mommas

Aftershock Entertainment

Leap of Taste

Next of Kiln

Law Ofices of Phil Studenberg

Klamath On-site

Youth Development Services

Leos Camera Services

Klamath County Fairgrounds

Klamath Glassblowing

The Market at the Running Y

Linkville Playhouse

Craig Douglas Photography

Gino's Market

Children's Museum of Klamath Falls

Klamath Veterans' Memorial

Wubbas BBQ

Practically Perfect

Basin Martini Bar


Royal Touch

Frye's Fancy - Nail Salon

Klamath Dance

Scentsy - Julie Morrill

Fisher Nicholson Realtors

Karen's Critter Care

Painter, Allen Schmertzler


Shasta Litho

The Ledge

Writer, Gary Smith

Optilux Advertising

Countertops by Top Secret


Fairway Plumbing

Express Employment

Basin Tire Service

Mt. Mazama Water

Northshore Hawaiian

Klamath County Library

Stampin' Up

Kinetic Sculpture Race

Jordan's Essentials

All Star Trophy

Prepaid Legal

Basin Birding/Wiard Park


Daily Transcript

12 Ranch Wines

Permacut (Smokey Bear Gifts)

Century 21


Project: Shoot Southern Oregon provided resources to videographers, film-makers, actors, production crews and scriptwriters.


This committee planned, executed and marketed film projects and programming. This sparked creative partnerships between artists and the community and funded itself through DVD sales, contributions and the artist magazine.

Below are some of our previous events and programs:

  • Commissioned to create a film for Fairview Elementary Drama Club with children ages 7-12

  • Create a short documentary on the history of The Klamath Blues Festival

  • Conducted a Member Series of original shorts by area film-makers, videographers, animators and multi media artists

Produced KU STORIES, a documentary featuring historic Klamath Union High School. It starred Chip Massie, Executive Director of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce and alumni.

It provided under one roof:

  • Theater playhouse

  • A "hang-out" for artistic youth

  • Educational facility for all ages

  • Arts magazine headquarters

  • Film studio and editing headquarters

  • Inexpensive band practice space and musical venue

  • Artist studio and gallery space

  • Dance studio and performance space

  • Cafe and separate lounge area for adults

Storyorb conducted activities related to the literary arts. This included book clubs, writer’s resources, poetry open mic, guest writers, writers circles and more. These activities furthered the exempt purposes of The Creativity Collective by providing education, resources, networking, opportunities, exposure and experience for writers. Storyorb funded itself through the magazine, contributions and additional programming. It provided workshops and brainstorming, support and networking for storytellers.

Past Exhibits:

















Below are some of our previous events and programs:

  • Brought musical talent from Austin, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Austria and more

  • Held Hip-hop dance classes at CAK for toddler and elementary aged children

  • Provided a place for young bands to play and practice music in a non-bar environment.

  • Hosted an open mic music night periodically

  • Partnered with local bars to bring music to the venue

cak philanthropy photo
cak phil 2
cak phil 5
cak phil 6
cak phil 8
cak phil 7
cak phil 3

Faces of Death


The exhibit consisted of 20 action photographs taken by the 168 Field Artillery Unit, Battery B. during World War II. Lieutenant, Harold Bohm of the 168 Field Artillery Unit was one of the first participants in A Legacy of Bravery. "It is important what they [The Creativity Collective] are doing," remarked Harold Bohm, "or else people forget."

The exhibit was free. Due to mature content, the exhibit was thirteen and older unless accompanied by an adult. "We cannot expect to grasp the military experience of our returning veterans without understanding what they have seen," says Christy Soto.


Click on map to enlarge. Designed by Mike Stier.


Previous Classes

Japanese Anime and Manga

Beginners Origami

Screenwriting Basics

Beginning Yoga

Poi Spinning

Tribal Drumming

Voice, Drums, Music Reading, Guitar and Stage Presence

Zumba Dance

Beginning Social Networking


Creative Casting Agency

Creative Casting Agency provided gig opportunities and development resources for Southern Oregon artists and vendors. We additionally provided talent-for-hire to the public.


Creative Casting Agency represented up-and-coming talent. No portfolio, no resume, no problem. We paired our photographers with models, grooming the right people for that next step and helping professionals help themselves. We brokered deals between:



  • Script Writers

  • Speech Writers

  • Caterers

  • Costume/Makeup

  • Event Management

  • Equipment Rental

  • Blues Bands

  • Photographers

  • Videographers

  • Audio Engineers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Personal Assistants

  • Hair Stylists



Enriching our Creative Environment:

Unlike other for-profit casting agencies, all agency fees and other proceeds go towards sustaining The Creativity Collective, their projects and their commitment to the community.


Artisan's Almanac


This free full-color art-tourism magazine included artist features, art news, up-to-date resources, new art technology, festival listings, event calendars, beautiful photography and more. Artisan's Almanac was distributed in high-traffic areas throughout Oregon throughout the year.




















































Editor: Christy Soto
Assistant Editor: Jessica Reeves
Journalists: Christy Soto, Gary Kout, Kohel Haver, Matt Wilson, Trish Seiler, Nick Hill, Terra Whitlock, Answer People, Doyle French, Mary Theis, Katrina Burington
Photography: Christy Soto, Mike Stier, Jimmy Sandoval, Michelle Benson, 
Art Director: Mike Stier, Christy Soto
Graphic Design: Christy Soto, Mike Stier, Jessica Reeves
Sales: Christy Soto, Jessica Reeves, Diana Kellstrom, Kyla Marino, Sybil Fulk


Artisan's Almanac furthered the exempt purposes of The Creativity Collective by providing education, resources, networking, opportunities, exposure and experience for journalists, photographers, graphic designers and more. Exposure to new residents generated interest in local arts, including the arts of The Creativity Collective.


Creativity Theater


Creativity Theater provided resources, networking, opportunities, exposure and entertainment for theater enthusiasts, actors, set designers, sound engineers and playwrights.


The Creativity Theater Committee launched play productions, classes, playwriting workshops, acting circles and the popular, Haunted House Theater. Creativity Theater Committee funded itself through play productions, Haunted House Theater, submission fees, contributions and the artist magazine.


Below are some of our previous events and programs:













The Gems and The Creativity Collective hosted a six-night haunted house at Kiger Stadium. “Field of Screams” featured separate adult-themed and kid-themed haunted house areas, concessions and six nights of Halloween fun. The event closed the 2011 Kiger Stadium season. It was a fundraiser to promote both organizations.






















The Creativity Collective is dedicated to creating competition opportunities for artists in all genres.

Past competitions:

Innovative Educator Award:

  • Local women's networking group, Innovative Women presented the Educator Appreciation Mixer.

    This award was for both male and female educators, Sunday school teachers, college professors, dance instructors, coaches, and special education instructors. The innovative educator award included the name of the nominee and the facility where they work or volunteer.

    Nomination Form

    The criteria for an Innovative Educator could include community involvement, the ability to deeply engage students, creative use of resource, innovative processes, creative fundraising, and out of class mentoring. There is also a narrative as to why this educator should be nominated: (50-100 words). People who want to nominate an educator can download the form above. Winner was be announced quarterly online .

    The awards was presented at the Eductor Appreciation Mixer in September. Free h'orderves and casual networking opportunity and award ceremony for local educators. Innovative Women announced the winner of innovative educator award, monthly. 



























  • Location Scouting

  • Cover Bands

  • Jazz Ensembles

  • Punk & Metal Bands

  • College/Indie Bands

  • Male/Female Vocalists

  • MC/DJs

  • Fire & Silk Dancers

  • Clowns & Jugglers

  • Actors & Models

  • Performance Artists

  • Inspirational Speakers

  • Instructors

  • Tours/Tour Guides


Issue #2 - Release 2012

Highlights from the 2012 issue:

  • Festivals of the Arts District

  • 15 Bands for 15 Venues

  • Linkville Playhouse turns 50

  • Underwater Videography of Dan Benson

  • New Resident Resource Guide

Issue #1 - Release 2011

Highlights from the 2011 issue:

  • Top 3 Film Locations in Klamath County

  • Klamath County Event Schedule

  • KU STORIES Documentary Released

  • Storyorb Creative Writing Events

  • Creative Casting Agency

  • Production of Haunted House Theater 2009


  • Production of Haunted House Theater and more 2010


  • Production of Rocky Horror Picture Show 2010


  • Production of original play, In the Company of Killjoys 2010


    Comedic play in two acts. On the eve of Carrol Kilroy's hysterectomy, white trash Christmas mayhem occurs. Can Carrol make it through dinner with a drugged up breast-feeding trophy wife, an evil mother-in-law, and a sex crazed daughter in love with her gay uncle, without divorcing not only her drunk husband but the whole family?

  • Field of Screams Haunted House

Playwriting Competition:

  • All play writes were allowed to join. Submissions of plays were sent to the Creativity Collective play writing competition. Winners received a portion of their play printed in the Artisan's Almanac and a staged reading with a potential of production. Winner also received free promotion on our site and in the Almanac. Winners were awarded at the Best of the Collective Awards Ceremony. 

Screenplay Competition:

Project Shoot Southern Oregon's annual screenplay competition gave regional screenwriters the opportunity to get their names out. The winner received free promotion on our site and in the Almanac. Winners was awarded at the Best of the Collective Awards Ceremony. A portion of the chosen screenplays were featured in the Artisan's Almanac.

Nominations for Best Art District:

  • The public could email their favorite Arts District in the United States. 

Nominations for Best Music Festivals:

  • The public could email their favorite music festivals in the United States. 

Nominations for Best Arts School:

  • The public could email their favorite arts school in the United States. 


Bridal Crawl 2018


The Creativity Collective’s fifth annual Bridal Crawl, a pub crawl through the French Quarter in wedding dresses was Saturday, September 22, 2018.


Wanna relive that special day without all the stress? Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? Exorcise the demons of a bad marriage out of a perfectly good dress! Break out the white dress for a good cause, but wear comfortable shoes! 21 and over, please. I.D. required.

This original New Orleans event is jaw-dropping fun with droves of brides drinking, eating, and dancing—some reliving their special day, some brides for the first time.


RSVP on Facebook and tell your friends



Bridal Survivor Kit (FYI)


What if I have questions before the event?

Feel free to post your question on our Facebook page or email us at


What if I have questions during the event?

Look for the roving registration balloon or one of our organizers with the Bridal Crawl lanyards.


Will the event go on rain or shine?

Yes! White or off-white umbrellas can be purchased at Jefferson Variety at 239 Iris Ave, Jefferson, LA 70121.


What ATMs are on our route?

Capital One



Parking info

Some general parking information available from Go Nola

Yellow pages listing of French Quarter parking garages

Premium Parking


Hotel Monteleone


Transportation around New Orleans


Streetcar – Jazzy pass gets you unlimited one-day usage for $3. Check it out. For routes, click here.

Bus schedules can be found here.

Airport transportation

It is roughly $40 to take a cab to and from the airport. Shuttles are much cheaper, but often only depart from major hotels. Click here for more info.


Where can I get a coffee on the route?



What convenience stores are on the route?


Unique Grocery


Drinking in New Orleans

Glass is not allowed in the streets. This is a drinking event. In order to ensure the safety of all involved, streetcar, cab or drop off/pick up are recommended. Pace yourself.


Are there any hotel discounts for crawlers?

Not this year.

Can I sign up when I arrive?

Yes, but early registration is recommended and less expensive.

What happens if I arrive late?

The morning of the event the scheduled route will be posted to this page and our Facebook page. Once you've found us you can find the event organizers by their balloons and/or Bridal Crawl tattoos. They will have a small bank to accept payment.

Will food be available at the participating venues?


Where can I find a wedding dress?

  • Check out your local thrift stores!

  • Goodwill on Tulane Avenue or Robert E. Lee in Lakeview has a section for formals ($14 and up) and wedding dresses ($50 and up).

  • Blooming Deals on Freret St. has their own Bridal Boutique next door.

  • David's Bridal

  • On the Other Hand on Oak St.(Ask about their deeply discounted dresses)

  • Craigslist

  • Ebay



Bridal Crawl 2015


The Creativity Collective’s third annual Bridal Crawl began at Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar overlooking the Mississippi with awards for the classiest, craziest, and most creative ensembles. The faux brides were then routed through the French Quarter to designated locations with drink/food discounts, balcony access, free wedding cake, dancing, a bouquet toss, live music, and more: Antoine’s/Hermes Bar, The Marriott’s 55 Fahrenheit, House of Blues, Razzoo, Bourbon Heat, and Saints & Sinners for the Honeymoon Afterparty.


This year we are proud to announce Waterbeams, New Orleans’ own synchronized swim team performing two shows at the rooftop pool of the Marriott. The X-Factor Drumline will bring their high-energy stylized percussion to Bridal Crawl 2015.



The purpose of Bridal Crawl was to raise money for Gradeuxity.












Bridal Crawl 2014


Men and women in wedding dresses congregated at breathtaking Galvez overlooking the Mississippi. We awarded prizes for the craziest, most creative and most classic look, then threw the bouquet while attendees enjoy free samples from Galvez’s continental cuisine. A 3 tier wedding cake was provided by Swiss Confectionery. Our special guests were a production crew filming scenes for an upcoming reality TV show based in New Orleans. The pub-crawl hit the Quarter with a flash-mob, then proceeded to locations with drink/food discounts.The Cigar Factory offered deep disounts. Coyote Ugly offered $1 shots and $2 beers, plus bar dancing for the ladies. We publicly acknowledged our birthday people and gave them beads. Onward to 55 Fahrenheit for five $5 menu and drink items. The Beach on Bourbon had three-for-one drinks and a dance floor. Then onward to Bourbon Cowboy with mechanical bull-rides, balcony access, and two-for-one drinks all night. Our first ever "Honeymoon Afterparty" was at Saints and Sinners where we had balcony access and an exotic dancer jumping from a cake.



This fundraiser raised money for Covenant House who serves at-risk and homeless teens and young adults. The 24/7 crisis center provides food, shelter and medical care as well as long term transitional housing, educational services, on-the-job training, life skills and GED assistance. Covenant House works to reduce trafficking and prostitution.


Bridal Crawl 2013


Fifty brides congregated for the official world record count at historic and breathtaking, Muriel’s Jackson Square with free champagne. A referee and notary officiated the attempt. They enjoyed the wraparound balcony overlooking the St. Louis Cathedral and the Séance lounge that honored the lavish Storyville era of old New Orleans in traditional wedding dresses. Afterwards we set into pub-crawl motion at 4:00 p.m. and were routed through the French Quarter then continued across Canal Street into the Central Business District, stopping at Tobacco Exchange for 10% off cigars, Bourbon Cowboy free bull-rides, 55 Fahrenheit for five $5 drinks and dishes and the Beach on Bourbon for 3-for-1 drinks. Gordon Biersch offered a signature, “Something Blue” drink. The event ended at Barcadia where we awarded the classiest, craziest and most creative ensembles. The route was 1.3 miles, but well lubricated!



This fundraiser raised money for Cafe Reconcile. This nonprofit program/restaurant located in Central City neighborhood trains at-risk students for food service and hospitality industry positions. Cafe Reconcile additionally assists in the placement of these students ages 16-22 into local restaurants and hotels, giving them an opportunity to build their self-esteem and their lives.




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