The Creativity Collective‘s “Life Skills” Project, also know as Gradeuxity (gratuity, or tips, for graduates), gives graduating seniors a life-skills book with information on applying for college, job hunting, banking, buying a car, traveling, writing a resume, renting an apartment and more.

Over several years, The Creativity Collective members have been pulling together this valuable and extremely necessary wealth of information in order to create our free Website platform and have raised funds to print booklets compiling these essential skills so we can educate the local student populous for no cost to the students. Our hopes for the future to to have a educational package including website, booklets and PowerPoint class sessions so those taking advantage of this program can gain the full benefit of the vast knowledge.

Gradeuxity. “Gratuity for Graduates” fortifies high school students with valuable life skills—available online and in a portable 96-page handbook. The book will be presented, mid-2017/2018 school year, to students in a lively assembly that summarizes the following articles:

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Let us know what you think! Want to request a set of the booklets or have any suggestions? Let us know! We want to continue to grow this important program for young adults everywhere. 

Thank you!

  • Life after High School

  • Apply For College

  • Financial Aid/College Costs

  • Write a Cover Letter

  • Sample Cover Letter

  • Write a Resume/Sample Resume

  • Apply For Jobs

  • Rock an Interview

  • Work Permits

  • Transportation

  • Bike Safety Resources

  • Get a Driver’s License

  • Buy Car Insurance

  • How to Buy a Car

  • How to Budget/Sample Budget

  • Open a Bank Account

  • Credit 101/Credit Scores

  • How to File Taxes

  • Register to Vote

  • Selective Service

  • Rent an Apartment

  • Set up Utilities

  • Get a Roommate

  • Sample Roommate Agreement

  • House Hazards

  • First Aid & Prevention

  • Violence & Suicide Prevention

  • Dealing with Sexual Assault

  • In Case of Emergencies

  • 5 Recipes under $5



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