Gradeuxity (gratuity for graduates)is an education initiative to award a $50 "tip" to graduating seniors in a life-skills book that provides information on applying for college, job hunting, banking, buying a car, traveling, writing a resume, renting an apartment and more.

Did you know?

  • In the 2011/2012 school year, 9,246 Louisiana high-school students dropped out.
  • Ten percent of 16 -19 year olds are neither in school nor do they have a high school diploma or equivalent. New Orleans Kids Partnership
  • The average high-school dropout makes 27% less income per year, lives a decade less, and is disproportionately affected by heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
  • The 2016 graduating class were elementary school children when Hurricane Katrina hit. These students have persevered through tragedy, upheaval, and slow recovery to graduate.

Every child—regardless of race, economic background, parents, and type of school—is eligible for Gradeuxity. This includes public, home-school, and private school students. Seniors, with parental permission, can register at (Graduation status will be validated. First-come-first-serve basis.) Non-check recipients will be entered into a raffle to win other items.
The 32 page 8.5 x 5x5 life skills books will be available online and in print version while supplies last. Ads are available for purchase at $215 (full page), $115 (½  page), and $65 (¼ page).

Throughout the year, The Creativity Collective builds Gradeuxity with internal/external fundraisers, grants, ad sales, sponsorships, and by soliciting tax-deductible donations from businesses and individuals. Donations over $100 get incentives such a window decal and acknowledgement in the book. Donations are accepted at

You can also support Gradeuxity by shopping at AmazonSmile and selecting The Creativity Collective as your beneficiary.

The Creativity Collective wants to elevate these students during a public event, gift them with economic incentive, and provide continued education and support through the booklet. We challenge New Orleans to come together as a village until every graduate receives Gradeuxity.


  • “Tutors to help me through my studies.”
  • “Books or other items I require for my Paramedic course.”
  • “I would add the $50 check to my savings for a high performance laptop for college.”
  • “I would put it towards getting a car, so that I can get to school.”

We will gauge our success by calculating the steady increase in graduates.

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