Craft mocktail menus to improve beverage options for non-drinkers in social settings.

Fauxmosa menus were designed with seven fresh recipes that honor the local flavor of New Orleans with names like Fauxret, Fauxtini, Fauxdi Gras, Faux-De-Lis, and more. The drinks use available bar ingredients to provide celebratory options to soft-drinks or water, while providing an attractive and affordable alternative for those wishing to reduce alcohol or eliminate it completely. Fauxmosa serves:
  • moderate drinkers
  • recovering alcoholics
  • pregnant women
  • youth
  • designated drivers
  • people with medical conditions

The goal of Fauxmosa is to compliment local drinking culture, not challenge it. Menus are available at no cost

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Download our single-recipe drink cards. They can be cut and laminated for repeat personal use. To request physical menus please send an email to
Fauxmosa is supported in part by a grant from the Hash Harriers Red Dress Run.

Download the FRONT and the BACK and bring it with you next time you are out!

fauxmosa front fauxmosa back

Download our MINI-MENUS and cut them out. They fit nicely in a wallet or purse.

fauxmosa mini menues