Creative Resource Directory

The Creative Resource Directory (CRD) is a webindex of over 1000 creative businesses from the New Orleans creative and cultural economy, a city-wide talent directory.


The Creativity Collective is pleased to announce plans for the release of a free, full-color Creative Resource Directory (CRD) for the New Orleans area. This creative phone book will be a marketing tool for creative/cultural producers and the enthusiasts that support them. We are accepting ads for the directory.



The print version will feature the freshest art nonprofits to the most off-the-grid players. CRD will be an engaging showcase, bringing the movers and shakers of New Orleans into a single volume.

The CRD identifies practitioners in a wide variety of art forms along with supporting organizations. Artists in the fields of culinary arts, fashion, film, literary arts, music, stage performance and more can be found along with supporting organizations such as book stores, galleries, agencies, museums, and retail outlets.

In addition, the CRD classifies each entry with tags indicating more specific information about the artists and organizations. A full list of these headers can be found at the LEGEND.

A “who’s who” of New Orleans arts and culture.

This perfect-bound book carries a year-long benefit for advertisers with ads priced from $350 to $900 (full page). Check out our AD RATE.




The premier run will include:

  • At Least 10,000 books hand-placed and available throughout 2016/2017

  • Stand-alone electronic magazine

  • A parallel listing at

  • CRD’s Facebook’s “Pick of the Week.”

With citywide distribution, the CRD will be on the desks of recruiters, talent buyers, artists, entrepreneurs, and area newcomers seeking creative connections. Copies of the CRD will be distributed in high traffic areas throughout New Orleans including studios, salons, theatres, coffee shops, bars and restaurants, hotels, and offices.

Advertising proceeds support The Creativity Collective, a social innovator and creative workforce with a community focus. For more information, feel free to email

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